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Video by Anna Ies Willems

I have a mission and need your help! I want to make my slow fashion label completely SUSTAINABLE and VISIBLE. It has always been a true dream of me to be able to say one day: I am sustainable. So far I am completely transparent about my production process, I re-use my left over fabrics for the accessoires, I work with on-demand production and don't have any (over)stock. What is missing are sustainable F A B R I C S ! To persue my dream I started a crowdfund to raise money to replace all of my fabrics with a GOTS-certified one. Do you want to support sustainable fashion OR me? Then check out this link and fund! https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/9524-svdw-van-transparant-naar-duurzaam

Photo's by Zindzi Zwietering

Designing slow and fair fashion. Everything is made by hand and only on demand in Amsterdam. The whole production process is shared openly to encourage conscious producing and consuming. Don't hesitate to drop a line!

Photo's by Lisa Klaverstijn