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The Giacca is here! A collaboration between artist Enrica Masi & fashion designer Sarah van der Wilk. They first crossed paths in 2018 and fell in love with each other's work. Their common obsession for Japanese culture and abstract art made this collaboration happen intuitively. The dream to have a thick, cotton, kimono style jacket with art on the back became real! 


Enrica Masi, known to many as simply Masi, is an Italian artist and designer who is currently based in Amsterdam. Since childhood, Masi has had a deep passion for drawing and coloring, which later developed into a love for design. Her vivid visual language, which she fondly refers to as Monsters, had been swirling around in her mind since childhood. These shapes and colors appeared to her as a form of synesthesia, and after sketching them in a notebook for some time, they eventually became paintings, screen prints and collages.


While researching a conscious approach to life, Sarah van der Wilk got inspired by traditional Japanese art forms. Impressed by the way they take care and appreciate things in their daily lives she started a collection of subtle and refined garments. Each design is made by hand in her studio in Amsterdam, using the most sustainable and ethical fabrics ever. The garments are tested extensively before manufacturing to make sure they’re perfect and will last forever. 

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The Giacca is an unisex jacket with a slightly oversized fit. The fabric is a thick, biological cotton, resembling an artist's canvas. It’s completely sewn and painted by hand by Sarah & Masi which makes every piece unique.  

Masi & Sarah are making a limited amount of Giacca's. The Giacca will officially be launched on the 9th of June. Until that date it's possible to already purchase a Giacca through pre order. 

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