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'The art of drinking tea' is a slow fashion collection by Sarah van der Wilk. The studio is based in Amsterdam where all items are designed and produced by hand and only on demand. 


While researching a conscious approach to life, she got inspired by traditional Japanese art forms such as the art of drinking tea and the art of flower arrangement. Impressed by the way they present, take care and appreciate things in their daily lifes Sarah started a collection of subtle and refined garments about the appreciation of a garment.


As a designer she strives to contribute to a more conscious and transparant approach of producing and consuming. The complete process from inspiration and sketch, to trial, execution and price calculation is shared openly. This way an understanding can be formed about the extensive process as well as the manual production process, explaining the price but also quality of the non-industrial production.

LW_Viva_vrouwen_met_planten_Sarah-7 klei
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