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FORK SCARF ultramarine

FORK SCARF ultramarine


Fork shaped scarf with padded shell and light grey cotton fleece lining. 



one size

length 200cm 

width 23cm 

  • Material

    The shell of this scarf is made of 100% padded polyester, the lining is made of 100% cotton fleece, GOTS certified

  • Sustainability level

    Polyester is made from oil which is not environment friendly. We are on the lookout for a more sustainable option. The cotton fleece is GOTS certified, which means it has a clearly defined set of criteria when it comes to the composition of the material (95% should be organic), the use of chemicals and ethical treatment of workers. The downside of cotton, even organic, is that it still needs a lot of water to be produced. The production of the garment is done in a very sustainable way; it's made locally (in Amsterdam) by hand (by Sarah) and on a small scale or made to order. There's no overstock and the amount of waste is limited and reused for accessoires.

  • Washing instruction

    Don't wash it but hang the scarf in the wind or dry clean.

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