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We’re so proud to introduce to you: Giacca. Our new favourite jacket, ready for any occasion and any situation. Giacca is an unisex jacket with a slightly oversized fit. It’s part of a set and designed to wear in two different ways. With the belt closed and fitted, or open with the belt (partly) hidden though the sideseam. The jacket is lined with hennep, has thin shoulder paddings and a big pocket in front incorporated in the seam.


Giacca is made to order and also available in an organic offwhite, terracotta and a navy double gauze fabric. Your order will be ready for shipment within 2-3 weeks. Holler if you have any questions or requests.  


Check out the video to see how it's terracotta friend is made by hand in Amsterdam. 


Size guide:



length 74.5cm

sleeve length 70cm

width 122.5cm



length 77.5cm

sleeve length 75cm

width 140cm

  • Material

    We chose this 100% purple hemp chambray because of it’s pretty color but mainly because hemp is concidered to be one of the most sustainable fibres you can use. The fibres come from Turkey.

  • Sustainability level

    Hemp is concidered to be one of the most sustainable fibres you can use. It doesn’t require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow, it requires little water and grows quickly. The production of the garment is done in a very sustainable way; it's made locally (in Amsterdam) by hand (by Sarah) and on a small scale or made to order. There's no overstock and the amount of waste is limited and reused for accessoires.

  • Washing instruction

    Since Giacca has several delicate elements such as shouder pads and a strap we advice you not to wash it at all. You can steam it in the shower or hang it in the wind to air it. Spilled something or made a stain? Try to clean it with a cloth and mild soap. You can iron at two points but be carefull with the plastic strap, it will melt.

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