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Pre order: The Giacca

Pre order: The Giacca


The Giacca is a thick, cotton, kimono style jacket with art on the back. It’s completely sewn and painted by hand by Sarah & Masi, which makes every piece unique. This jacket is unisex and has a slightly oversized fit, you can use the size guide in the photo's to find which size will fit best. 

Masi & Sarah are making a limited amount of Giacca's. It will officially be launched and for sale on the 9th of June. Until that date it's possible to already purchase a Giacca through pre order!

The Giacca is sewn and painted by hand, estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks
  • Care instructions

    Since Giacca has several delicate elements such as the art piece on the back we advise you not to wash it. You can steam it in the shower or hang it in the wind to air. Spilled something or made a stain? Try to clean it with a cloth and mild soap. You can iron at two points but be carefull with the art piece and the plastic strap, it will melt.

  • Material

    The Giacca is made of GOTS certified biological cotton, which means it has a clearly defined set of criteria when it comes to the composition of the material (95% should be organic), the use of chemicals and ethical treatment of workers.

    The art piece is made with climate neutral fabric paint on water base from Marabu, it contains biocidal preservatives to maintain the quality. 

  • How does pre order work?

    • Select your preferred size from our pre-order options.
    • Complete your payment at the time of ordering.
    • Your product is then individually made for you over the following weeks.
    • Expect shipment of your product as soon as it's ready, typically within 3-4 weeks.
    • Not satisfied with your purchase? No worries, you can return it within 14 days of receipt.
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